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Did you know that the typical American spends more time playing video games than going to church, volunteering, or attending social events? If you are an avid gamer, you understand this all too well. You can be playing your favorite video game and before you know it, hours have passed. That is perfectly natural. However, if you do not have the best gaming chair, this could have a negative impact on your body.

Best Gaming Chair Comparison Table

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A high-quality gaming chair is not only essential for your comfort but also vital for your health. It offers proper alignment for your spine and averts pain from your back, shoulders, and neck. Therefore, if you have been suffering from a stiff neck and constantly have back pains, it might be time to trade in your sofa or bed for a high-quality gaming chair. Here are the best gaming chairs of that year that you should have your eye on.

What You Need to Know About Gaming Chairs

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If you have never bought a gaming chair before, you might be confused about the purpose of this product, how it can help you, and whether or not you should actually get it. Here are some of the essential things you should know before you step out to get the best gaming chair in 2019.

Do gaming chairs work?

Contrary to popular belief, the best gaming chair will not help you win a game. However, chairs specifically for gaming will without a doubt help improve your spine health. In addition, they ensure you maintain proper posture and that your neck and shoulders are well-aligned to prevent pain.

How much weight can a gaming chair hold?

The weight a gaming chair can hold is dependent on the manufacturer. Some chairs can hold up to 450 pounds, which make them perfect for individuals with bigger frames. Others only support up to 200 pounds.

What do gaming chairs do?

The primary purpose of a gaming chair is to provide maximum comfort for a gamer. The best gaming chair has soft materials that do not cave in even after sitting for an extended period, which keeps your spine properly aligned and ensures you are comfortable. In addition to this, some chairs also come with different features that work well in enhancing your gaming experience. Some examples of such features include headrest audio speakers, the ability to control your TV, and many others.

How long does the best gaming chair last?

Most of the gaming chairs on the market can last up to five years in good shape. However, how you handle your chair can reduce or increase its lifespan.

​Can gaming chairs improve your gameplay?

Gaming chairs cannot make you win games. However, they come with some benefits that help improve your overall gaming experience. For instance, a chair that has immersive sound can make you more alert. Increased comfort also enables you to focus on the game a lot more than when you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair.

How We Reviewed

Choosing the right gaming chair for your needs is not an easy task especially considering that every manufacturer advertises their product as “the best.” To make your decision easier, we compared real customer reviews and ratings to find the best gaming chair on the market.

Overall Price Range

You can choose one that is within your budget and offers your desired features and benefits

Top 9 Best Gaming Chair Models

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If you have been searching for the best gaming chair without any luck, this list will prove very useful.

Classic Video Rocker by Crew Furniture

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If you are looking for an affordable gaming chair without all the bells and whistles that come with premium chairs, the Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker is an excellent choice.  One of the things that make this chair stand out is its unique design. It is L-shaped with an ergonomically designed wood frame and also features polyurethane foam padding for comfort.

The best part about this chair is that you will not need to assemble it because it comes ready and can be placed directly on the floor. In addition to this, it is very light and can easily be cleaned using a wet cloth. The only disadvantage is the fact that the chair has no armrests, rendering it unusable for desks. 

Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair by Flash Furniture

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This is another great inexpensive chair that you should consider. You get this greatly designed and built chair with a flexible configuration that makes it suitable for different body sizes. This Flash Furniture chair also features a ventilated material that helps you cool down especially when you have been sitting for many hours non-stop. In addition, it has an ergonomic shape that ensures you are comfortable throughout the game. However, users claim that this chair is difficult to assemble and that the lowest height of the armrests is quite high.

Veer Office Chair with Mesh Back and Black Vinyl Seat by Modway

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The Modway Veer Office Chair is a reasonably priced ergonomic chair. Upholstered with mesh-type padding, this chair is perfect if you tend to warm up very fast or if you are experiencing sweltering weather. The armrests are adjustable to offer your upper body maximum comfort, and you can also adjust the height to ensure maximum back support. It comes in nine different colors to match different room color schemes. However, the backrest does not tilt, and the adjustment lever is somewhat rigid, which can be a drawback to some users.

Bean Bag Chair by Chill Sack

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If you are not the kind of person who would purchase a chair solely for gaming, you will love the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair. Unlike the Classic Video Rocker by Crew Furniture which only serves as a gaming chair, this bean bag chair has multiple purposes such as studying, gaming, and relaxing. The fact that it is large makes it possible for you to share it with a friend or get maximum comfort when you are using it alone.

The chair consists of durable memory foam that is very comfortable. It also comes with a micro-suede cover that is stain resistant and machine washable for easy cleaning. However, you should know that this chair isn't for desks and it must be fluffed often to ensure uniformity of the filling.

Torretta Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair by Arozzi

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This Torreta Series Gaming Racing Style chair is a perfect option for a demanding gamer who only wants a racer chair without spending a fortune on it. Quite affordable compared to other racer chairs on the market. The chair features a thick padded seat and backrest to offer maximum comfort and support. The seat is also tilt-able and has a 360 degrees swivel rotation. It comes in four different color choices. The only disadvantage is that the chair does not have full recline capability and you might find better construction from rival companies.

Formula Series OH/FD101/NG Racing Seat by DXRacer

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DXRacer is famous for manufacturing some of the best racer chairs. The Formula Series OH/FD101/NG Racing Seat is not an exception. The chair features a cold cure foam filling that offers maximum comfort for up to eight hours or longer. You also get incredible stability from the comfortable armrests, nylon star base, and tubular steel frame.

In addition, the chair has an extended backrest which makes it possible for you to support your neck, which is not possible with most chairs due to their short backrests. It is also very sturdy and reclines fully, which is an added bonus. Pro e-sports team like CompLexity and Fnatic use this chair in their offices. That goes to show that the quality is outstanding.  You get a lifetime warranty on the steel frame and a two-year warranty on parts/accessories after the purchase. Although it seems like the best gaming chair for a player's needs, it has one disadvantage; it is not suitable for heavy players.

Classic Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

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Herman Miller is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to ergonomically designed chairs since they are pioneers in the industry. The Classic Aeron Chair is the company’s original premium model. An interesting fact about this chair is that its ergonomic design is a permanent fixture at the New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

The chair offers maximum support for individuals weighing up to 150 pounds and it is suitable for people of up to 5 feet 4 inches in height. Its amazing tilt mechanism allows the chair to move with your body and the pivot points are perfectly aligned with the hips, ankles, and knees to offer a very natural reclining motion. Also, it comes with a 12-year warranty; it is fully ergonomic and very comfortable. The only disadvantage is that it is quite expensive. 

Ergohuman High Back Executive Chair with Headrest by Eurotech

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The Ergohuman High Back Executive Chair is a premium design by Eurotech. While the price might seem high in comparison to other models like the Modway Veer Office Chair and Flash Furniture’s Mesh Swivel Task Chair, you get a better value for your money with this chair. First and foremost, it has a futuristic design that integrates sleek modules that offer maximum support for your back, neck, and spine. That makes it the best gaming chair for back pain.

You may also like the fact that it almost every surface is adjustable. For instance, the armrest can be tilted, rotated, and adjusted for height. The seat also features an advanced tilt and tension mechanism that allows the backrest to be tilted and latched in several different positions. You also get to enjoy industrial-grade gas lifts and PU-coated casters that offer enhanced durability. All the control knobs are easily accessible, and the chair is generally very durable. However, users have complained that the chair is difficult to assemble. The price is quite high for most gamers as well.

Mirra 2 Chair by Herman Miller

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If you would like a handsome gaming chair in your gaming room, the Mirra 2 Chair by Herman Miller is an excellent choice. One thing that stands out about this chair is the fact that it moves in tandem with body movements. That's thanks to the integrated supporting mechanisms that make it very comfortable and relaxing. The chair also features Butterfly Back suspensions with polymer infused fabrics. These make it possible for the chair’s surfaces to flex accordingly.

The loop line mechanism makes the backrest curved in alignment with your body. It also has excellent seat padding. It has a cooling mechanism to ensure you do not heat up when seated for a long time. The only thing you might not like is that the backrest material displaces some buttons.

​Did We Get the Best Gaming Chair for Your Needs?

You will not go wrong with any of these chairs because they are all specifically designed for gaming. However, one chair stands out for us: the DXRacer Racing Chair. This chair is not only reasonably priced but is also very comfortable and steady. It will offer you maximum support while gaming and you can rely on its durability. While it might not have all the bells and whistles found in premium models, it will get the job done!


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