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They say a worker is only as good as his tools. That’s true for the gamer as well. And no, it doesn’t end with the best gaming rig. You also have to get the best gaming desk for your prized setup.

While many gamers don’t really bother investing just a little bit more in periphery equipment like a gaming chair and desk, they are actually an exciting and important part of your gaming experience. After all, the most important part of your game -- is you. The environment you choose might depend on your skill level, your desire for the best experience, or even just because you like to spoil yourself. The best gaming desk, chair, sound system -- you name it. If you can do it and you love gaming, then why not?

Best Gaming Desk Comparison Table

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Do You Really Need a Gaming Desk?

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At this point, you’re probably wondering if you really need a gaming desk. You’re not sure if this is just a ploy for manufacturers to siphon your hard earned cash from you. Well, let’s just consider what a gaming desk is and what differentiates it from any other desk. Perhaps you’ll decide then whether you need one or you’ll just pass.

So what is a gaming desk? Well, in all honesty, it is just like any other workstation. The biggest difference being that gaming desks are built stronger to hold the extra weight of gaming rigs and their accessories. The other worthwhile reason is that manufacturers understand that gamers spend prolonged periods in front of their gaming computers. That kind of dedication calls for some extra comforts that make for a pleasant experience -- both in the virtual world and in the real world.

The Best Gaming Desk -- Features to Look For

So what features should you look for when hunting for the best gaming desk? What will ultimately set it apart from every other workstation out there? Well, let’s look at a couple of the most important features, shall we?


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Ergonomics simply means comfortable to use. That's very important as it helps mitigate injuries that result from straining your body. While gaming might seem like a pastime that doesn’t have any risks associated with it, nothing could be further from the truth. Many gamers suffer injuries from sitting in the wrong position and repetitively straining some parts of their body. The major parts of the body affected are the spine, neck, and wrists.

The best gaming desk will come with an ergonomic design that helps combat that. Some even come with adjustable height, a retractable keyboard tray, and many other features that make for all-day comfort.


If there’s one thing gamer’s love, it’s beautiful equipment. And there’s a reason for that -- it inspires. Nothing saps passion and zeal like drab equipment. That is why the best gaming desks feature some great designs that complement your amazingly beautiful machine.

Build quality

This is a big one. The best gaming desk for your rig must have exceptional build quality. After all, your gaming computer is expensive, not to mention heavy. Put it on a flimsy workstation and you have a ticking time bomb on your hands.

When on a quest to get a gaming desk, make sure you look for exceptional build quality. A gaming desk should never be an afterthought, the same way your gaming computer was not an afterthought. Take your time to investigate the best gaming desk as it will be holding your prized possession.

Your Gaming Desk Questions Answered

Before continuing on your quest to find the best gaming desk, let’s settle a few nagging questions first. That will help you make an informed decision that will lead to a better gaming experience.

Can a gaming desk improve my gameplay?

While not even the best gaming desk can make you a better gamer, it will definitely make you comfortable enough to give it your best. However, indirectly it can affect the way you play. A poor gaming desk will strain your body thus affecting your performance.

Is there a particular posture for sitting behind a gaming desk?

It is advisable that you keep your shoulders, neck, and back as straight as possible. Not only does this reduce the strain on your body but it also allows for optimum dexterity, something that can actually help you play better. So yes, posture is important.

In what price range can I expect to find the best gaming desk?

Like the gaming computers they host, the best gaming desks can be found at every price. 

How Each Desk Made It into Our Best Gaming Desk List

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should even trust this review to help you find a gaming desk to entrust your precious equipment with. Well, let me show you why.

To come up with an unbiased best gaming desk list, we researched a number of desks and came up with those that had very good features and specifications. Next, we considered user reviews to find out how each desk fared in a real-life situation. In short, with any one of these desks, your gaming rig is in good hands.

The Best Gaming Desk: 7 Fabulous Options

Ready to give your awesome gaming computer the pedestal it deserves? Then let’s go shopping for the best gaming desk. One that will look good while keeping your rig safe and you comfortable.

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If there’s a gaming desk that is deserving of the best gaming desk title, the Atlantic Gaming Pro is it. This gaming desk has the gamer in mind. It has a steel frame with laminate tops and is a sturdy workstation that will definitely manage to hold its own (and your computer) very well.

One thing Atlantic did well with this desk is to incorporate features that help gamers enjoy every moment they are at their station. Some of those features include built-in metal wires for holding your headphones, game controls, speakers, and even an underside basket for holding those precious snacks that give you the strength to stay in battle for the whole day.

Apart from the functional features, the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro also has a lot of real estate for putting up a massive screen and other accessories.  And to increase the space that you have for your computer, it comes with a 22-inch long by 7-inch high by 6-inch wide built-in monitor stand. Got a lot of accessories? Don’t worry about your cables being tangled as the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro comes with an excellent cable management system. And if you want to charge your smart device, no need to go and look for a power port as this gaming desk comes with a charging station.

What more can you want from a gaming desk? This one has it all -- and a bit more on top. 

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If you are looking for a gaming desk that is nearly perfect, the ApexDesk Elite Series comes pretty close. Despite looking like a simple desk, this gaming desk has a lot of tricks up its sleeves that make it stand out from the rest.

Speaking of standing, that is one of the best features this desk offers. With the ApexDesk Elite, you have the option to stand or sit as you play your favorite games. That's because the ApexDesk comes with a motorized system that automatically adjusts the height of the desk to suit your needs. And if you want to connect multiple screens, the ApexDesk Elite can allow you to easily do so as it is designed to hold multiple monitors. And don’t worry about the cables as the cable management system keeps everything nice, neat, and organized.

As for ergonomics, this desk is as comfortable as they get. Coming with a design that does away with crossbars, It gives you ample room to stretch your legs or even put a treadmill. As is to be expected, perfection comes at a cost. 

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The Techno Mobili gaming desk could just be the best gaming desk for you. That’s because it balances everything a gaming desk needs. And it does it so well. Sporting a simple, yet elegant design, this feature-rich gaming desk will make sure you are well pampered as you work hard to protect Earth from the zombies that want to eat our brains.

When it comes to space, the Mobili has it galore. There’s space for two monitors, a cup holder, and a whole lot more to house all your accessories. The design was also well thought out as everything is right at your fingertips. Speaking of design, the Techni Mobili features sturdy steel legs that can handle most of your gaming equipment without the risk of buckling. The top features a carbon laminate, probably the only weak point in this awesome desk. The top is not scratch resistant so you’ll have to take extra care when you move your equipment on the surface. That's probably the best gaming desk on the market.

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If you need a gaming desk you can easily convert into an office or conference desk, the Need Computer Desk is worth a look. Thanks to its sturdy build and the extensive desktop space it offers, this desk can handle anything you throw at it. Heck, it can even serve as a command desk you can use to plan a line of attack when aliens attack.

On a serious note though, with its 63 by 23.6 by 29.5-inch dimensions, you can easily fit two monitors and all your accessories on this massive desk. And it won’t even balk at the weight. That’s because Need went all out when it came to the quality of materials they used. For instance, the panel material is E1 standard particle wood. That means you get a very strong panel that is also environmentally friendly. With its glossy waterproof finish, the panel looks gorgeous and premium. As for the frame, it is made of steel and comes with a beautiful powder coat finish. But the best part is that it can hold up to 600 pounds of equipment. Now, this is a gaming desk you can trust with your custom built rig.

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The Walker Edison Soreno is a three-piece corner desk that is a fan favorite among many users. And the reason for that is simple. It is a well-designed desk that offers plenty of space.

One attraction that draws many gamers to this L-shaped desk is the compartment dedicated for your tower. Couple that to an aesthetically pleasing design and you’ve got yourself the best gaming desk. Walker Edison did an excellent job of making a simple desk look like a million bucks. Featuring polished and beveled tempered safety glass, a beautiful black powder coated steel frame, and a sleek black finish, the Soreno looks as impressive as it performs.

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The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is a product of Swedish company Arozzi. Known for some innovative eSport furniture designs, they decided to rock the gaming world with a gaming-centric desk.

The Arozzi Arena is everything you’d want in a gaming desk -- including featuring aggressive lines and colors reminiscent of gaming computers. And like many gaming computers, the Arozzi Arena comes with a few gimmicky touches. An example is the height adjustment mechanism. Although a useful feature, it’s a bit too sensitive, making it a bit of a pain in your Arozzi gaming chair cushioned rear. Apart from that, the Arozzi Arena comes with all the features you would expect from the best gaming desk. The cable management is superb, and the real estate affords you enough room to host all your gaming accessories comfortably.

Design-wise, the Arozzi Arena took a bold step to cover the entire surface of the desktop with a custom microfiber cloth surface. Yes, the entire desktop is one big mouse pad. Thankfully, it is water resistant and easy to clean, so don’t worry about spills turning into smells. 

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Another desk that is befitting of the best gaming desk title is the Clutch Ergonomic 66-Inch gaming desk. And yes, it was dubbed the “Ergonomic” because that is one of its main features.

Clutch really gave this desk their all, after all, they are underdogs in a cutthroat arena, so they have a point to prove. And it seems they are doing that pretty well with their innovative designs that make the desk look at home as it holds up your equipment. One design feature you’ll definitely appreciate is the “dead level” feature that allows you to maintain an absolutely level gaming surface -- no matter where you place the desk.

Although the Clutch Ergonomic is still to be rated, it is set to be a game changer. If you’re one who loves to try out new gadgets and equipment, then do give this a spin and let the world know what you think.

Get Your Game on With the Best Gaming Desk

Now that you’ve decided that you do need a gaming desk, go ahead and pick the one that appeals to you -- and your budget of course. If you’re still uncertain, the Arozzi looks like a safe bet if you’ve got a budget flexible enough to accommodate it. However, if your budget is restricted, the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is definitely the best gaming desk you can find as far as budget-friendly options go.

So go ahead, get yourself the best gaming desk and take your gaming to a whole new level -- literally.


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