Best Gaming Mouse: Our 9 Top Picks!

Are you getting slaughtered online? Does everyone seem to be running circles around you? Try to find the best gaming mouse that you can afford. Then you can turn that boring game experience into a fantastic one.

Perhaps you're afraid it will be too expensive. Well, think of it as an investment to boost your competitive edge.If you're afraid of the entire shopping process, there are ways around that. You need to learn what to look for.

When you know your options, getting the best gaming mouse for your budget and gaming style is a lot easier. You can concentrate on the few gaming mice in your shortlist and choose the right one for you.




Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse
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UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse
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UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse
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VersionTECH. RGB Gaming Mouse
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VersionTECH. RGB Gaming Mouse
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TeckNet HYPERTRAK High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse
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ROCCAT Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse
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HIRALIY F300 Gaming Mouse
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Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition Gaming Mouse
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How We Reviewed

To find the best gaming mouse, we considered the cost, functionality, and design tastes. We also paid attention to customer ratings and reviews along with gaming compatibility.

Our Best Gaming Mouse Picks

Here is our list of the best gaming mice. Our goal was to cater to a wide range of gaming needs, budgets, and design preferences.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

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This gaming mouse is one of Amazon’s bestselling products. It uses an optical sensor that increases responsiveness and accuracy. It also has RGB (Red Blue Green) lighting, which is customizable to help you express your style and enhance your gaming environment.

Moreover, it has an acceleration of up to 40G. It also features textured rubber grips to prevent slippage.This mouse comes with five 3.6-gram weights for adjusting the mouse’s weight. The mouse has a dpi range of 200 to 12,000.

It’s suitable for both slow precision and quick movements on large and small screens. Other design features include a 1000Hz polling rate, 11 programmable buttons, and an adjustable hyper-quick scroll wheel for fast maneuvers.

The gaming mouse is compatible with Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.10 or later, and Chrome OS.On Amazon.

Customers love it because it has a friendly user interface (UI), works on all surfaces, and has lots of customizable features. A few customers, however, complained of poor-quality materials and a bad fit for those with big hands.

UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

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This MMO mouse has an Avago o​​ptical sensor for improved accuracy. It’s an ergonomic mouse for right-handed players and has a rubber surface to enhance your grip. It also comes with a gold-plated USB connector and a durable braided-fiber cable.

Furthermore, its high-quality Omron micro-switches enable you to make firm clicks.Moreover, this mouse has 18 programmable buttons for a better MMO gaming experience.

Its five memory profiles are color-coded for easier identification. Additionally, there is an eight-piece tuning set consisting of 2.4-gram weights for weight customization. The durable Teflon feet pads and contoured body allow for better mouse control.

Other design features include 16400dpi, 1000Hz polling rate, and 30G acceleration. This mouse also comes with an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Customers love it because it is highly responsive, provides excellent value for the money, and has a durable connecting cable. But some customers complained of defective mice that don't work as they should and difficult-to-use software.

HyperX Pulsefire Surge - RGB Gaming Mouse

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This RGB mouse has a ring that will provide dynamic 360-degree RGB effects. You get to customize the look of your mouse. There is also a Pixart 3389 sensor. It has DPI settings that go as high as 16,000dpi for better sensitivity.

Furthermore, the gaming mouse has Omron switches for longevity and with a rating of 50 million clicks! It also has six programmable buttons and large skates at the bottom for smooth gliding. A braided cable has also been included for enhanced durability. Moreover, the HyperX NGENUITY software provides a friendly UI for light- and DPI-customization and button programming. You can save up to three customized profiles.

Customers love it because it is sturdy, its cable doesn’t snag, and is very responsive. Nonetheless, a few customers complained of mice that malfunctioned quickly, excessive heaviness, and poor ergonomic design.


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This gaming mouse has a unique crack design through which a combination of seven LED lights can glow simultaneously. Four DPI settings ranging from 800 to 2400 dpi exist for varying sensitivity requirements.

The mouse has an ergonomic shape. It also has a skin-friendly surface and a rubberized adjustable hyper-fast scroll wheel. These design features enhance your grip and comfort during use.

Moreover, the wired mouse has six programmable buttons and provides plug-and-play USB support. Also, it’s compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10, Vista, XP, Mac OS/ Linux or the latest operating systems.

Customers love it because it has a plug-and-play feature, looks cute, and is affordable. Nevertheless, some customers complained about it being too lightweight and that it doesn’t work as it should sometimes.

PICTEK Wired Programmable 

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This gaming mouse is one of Amazon’s choice products. It comes with five default DPI levels ranging from 1200 to 7200 dpi. There are also four polling rate settings that range from 125Hz to 1000Hz.

You can use them to adjust the speed and accuracy of the mouse. The main component is ABS plastic, which is sturdy and durable.In addition, seven programmable mouse buttons allow you to implement many commands.

That makes it an excellent mouse for RTS gaming. The backlit setting has 16 million color settings for customization. This mouse is also ergonomically designed for the claw-grip. 

It has sweat-resistant and anti-fingerprint surfaces for comfortable gripping. Furthermore, the mouse has a 30 million-clicks lifespan, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and an 18-month warranty.

Customers love it because it is affordable, is comfortable to use, and has lots of customizable colors. But it has a limited number of programmable buttons for serious gamers, some mouse buttons and wheels tend to malfunction, and a few buyers found the cord too short.

TeckNet HYPERTRAK High Precision 

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This gaming mouse uses a laser se​​nsor, which increases accuracy on all surfaces. It has 10 programmable buttons, 5 sets of UI settings, and 4 adjustable DPI profiles with a maximum DPI setting of 16400dpi.

That means the mouse is highly responsive and can be customized to suit different gaming needs.Additionally, this mouse uses an advanced weight-tuning system that allows you to adjust its center of gravity.

It also comes with a durable braided-fiber USB cable for connection. The mouse has a claw-grip design and optimal grip points for improved reaction and lifting times. It’s compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7 and WIN 10.

Customers love it because it has an adjustable weight feature, is of high quality, and is comfortable to use.Conversely, some customers complained of limited customization, malfunctioning mouse parts, and bad software.


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This gaming mouse has an owl-eye optical sensor for enhanced accuracy. Its sensitivity ranges from 100 to 12,000dpi, which makes it highly responsive and adaptable. The gaming mouse also has a button that doubles the number of programmable buttons from 12 to 24.

Additionally, this mouse incorporates the RGBA (Red Green Blue Alpha) multi-zone illumination setting. It gives you four autonomous configurable LED light zones and a mouse wheel that glows for refined stylishness.

Furthermore, the mouse has a built-in tracking distance control unit that monitors your mouse’s pick-up flight to help improve accuracy.

Customers love it because it is comfortable to use, has beautiful colors, provides lots of customization options, and has a high quality. Nonetheless, some customers complained of mice that malfunctioned within a short time and software that was difficult to download.


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This gaming mouse uses RGB multi-color gradient ambient lights that help to improve your playing environment. The driver provides four lighting settings. There are also nine programmable buttons for macros configuration as well as five customized memory profiles.

This mouse also has a PMW3325 gaming chip that allows for quick and precise movements. Five adjustable DPI settings range from 500 to 5000 dpi. Moreover, the mouse has a rubber painted surface and an ergonomic right-handed design for better ease of use.

Other design features include 20G acceleration and 5000 FPS (frames per second). In addition, this mouse has a durable six-foot braided fiber cable and is compatible with Windows 2000/7/8/10/XP/Vista and ME. There is also an 18-month warranty.

 Customers love it because it has Kevlar pads for smooth gliding, has software that works, is cheap, and is sturdy. However, some customers complained of defective mice that malfunctioned and broke down quickly.

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Performance Edition 

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This mouse is a high-end gaming mouse that employs the advanc​​ed Delta Zero sensor technology. This optical sensor enables you to increase your target accuracy by translating hand movements to the screen precisely.

It has been created based on the feedback that gamers have provided. For this reason, it has a lightweight design, enhanced accuracy, and a higher level of responsiveness.

This Logitech gaming mouse also incorporates a customizable RGB lighting system. You can personalize the lights to improve your gaming environment and express your style. This mouse also has durable buttons that have a 20-million clicks lifespan. 

Moreover, this accessory includes an on-the-fly DPI switching mechanism. The mechanism accommodates five DPI settings ranging from 200 to 12000 dpi, which ensures you can make the right game moves anytime.

Customers love it because it is highly accurate, solidly constructed, lightweight, and easy to use. Nonetheless, some customers complained of defective buttons that cause clicking malfunctions, and some feel it’s too lightweight for their needs.

All About the Best Gaming Mouse

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It’s important to learn everything you need to know before you can select the best gaming mouse. Knowledge is power, after all. So, here are the basics that you need to learn.

What is a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse is an advanced computer mouse. It has programmable controls, is more responsive, has a longer battery life (if it's wireless), and it has a more ergonomic design. The top feature of the best gaming mouse is that you can adjust it to work as a regular mouse as well.

What specifications of a gaming mouse should you know?

When searching for the best gaming mouse, you'll come across particular terms that describe the specifications of that mouse. It’s essential for you to understand what they mean so that you can accurately determine the right mouse for your needs.


Dots per inch (DPI) refers to how sensitive your mouse is. A 1000dpi mouse can move through 1000 pixels when the mouse moves an inch. A mouse usually senses movement and communicates with the main board and cursor. You only need tiny shifts to move the gaming mouse if the DPI value is high.

Additionally, high DPI values ensure that your mouse can create large movements through large screens or monitors with a high resolution. You can reduce DPI values for precise, close-up shooting or regular computer use. The best gaming mouse will probably have a broad range of DPI values -- usually from 100dpi to 12,000 dpi or more.


The polling rate refers to computer  with which the mouse communicates with the main computer and its cursor per second. It’s measured in Hertz. A 125Hz mouse communicates 125 times per second. However, games that need faster movements may require higher frequencies. So, it’s best to find a mouse with reprogrammable polling rates.

Traditional LED optical vs. laser gaming mice

A traditional optical mouse usually uses an infra-red LED (light emitting diodes) light to track the mouse’s movements across the surface. A laser mouse, on the other hand, uses laser light for precision tracking because it’s more accurate and usable on all surfaces. But it may cause cursor jitters. LED optical mice need non-reflective surfaces to work but are usually cheaper.


Mouse acceleration refers to how much faster the cursor can move when you shift the gaming mouse over the same distance. It’s measured in G-forces, with each G being equal to 9.8 meters per second. Games that require laser mouse and slow, precise object tracking may at times need mouse acceleration. But many gamers don’t like mouse acceleration.

How to Select the Best Gaming Mouse

Consider several factors when selecting the best gaming mouse. The criteria you use will determine whether you find the right mouse for your needs or not. Here is what you should consider.

The games you like to play

The kind of gaming you do will determine the best gaming mouse for you. An all-purpose gaming mouse is the best option for varied games and suits real-time strategy games (RTS). For first-person shooter (FPS) games, consider the sniper push button underneath the thumb area, since the manufacturers design them for precision shooting.

Additionally, we have massively multiplayer online (MMO) mice, which have lots of programmable buttons. These buttons help you to implement many maneuvers when playing. Customizable mice also exist. You can customize how they feel and the angles of parts of the mouse. These are versatile, but can also prove expensive.

Design features

An ambidextrous gaming mouse works for lefties to enhance their gaming experience. How ergonomic the mouse design is can determine your ease of use when playing computer games. But also consider other design features regardless of which hand you use.

Pay close attention to how accurate the gaming mouse is, and whether the mouse is wireless or wired. Also, consider the kind of sensor the mouse has (optical or laser). It determines how accurate the mouse tracks your movements.

Some of the best gaming mice have adjustable weights to help customize their heft. Bear in mind the cost, computer compatibility, number of programmable buttons, and customer reviews, too.

Pricing for the Best Gaming Mouse

The cost of the best gaming mouse for your needs will depend on the design features, brand, and functionality. Yowzer!

Finding the Best Gaming Mouse

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The best gaming mouse for you may not be suitable for someone else. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The right mouse for your needs will be the one that is suits not just your gaming needs, but also your grip, the size of your hand, and your design tastes.

Our list provides you with some of the best gaming mice around to suit all manner of needs. So, take the time to find a mouse that works for you.

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