Corsair Gaming Mouse Review — Is It the Best Gaming Mouse Available?

corsair gaming mouse
corsair gaming mouse

If you're an avid gamer, you're probably familiar with the development of the optical gaming mouse over the years. A Corsair gaming mouse is a far cry from the up/down, left/right commands that your keyboard performs. Thanks to the evolution of traditional mice with roller balls, WASD or arrow keys on the keyboard became nearly obsolete. Today, however, games are faster, have better graphics, and require more than just four-way directional movement. The optical gaming mouse is a must-have item for every gamer out there.

Greater accuracy is essential for some games. Shooting, directing, and commanding multiple players are some things you'll do with the mouse. Additionally, other advances in multiplayer gaming require high precision. Tactical moves and fast speeds in processing need greater DPI (dots per inch) to keep up with gaming action. Whether it's an optical or laser mouse, you rely on the ability to utilize multiple commands when gaming. The fast-paced action games you love today can't operate with WASD or a standard computer mouse. Ready, aim, and fire away with the best gaming mouse for all your favorite live-action games.

How to Choose a Gaming Mouse

There are dozens of gaming mice available for gamers to choose. A Corsair gaming mouse is available in wireless and wired varieties. Then there's the optical or laser variety. Players also have to consider the different manufacturers, grip style, and precision. Several characteristics differentiate the best gaming mice in the industry. Therefore, before choosing one, it's important to understand how each one operates.

Types of gaming mice

The first consideration in the decision-making process when buying a gaming mouse is what kind of mouse to select. A Corsair gaming mouse is available in multiple styles. Some of the popular varieties include:

  • FPS (frames per second) gaming mouse with sniper button
  • MMO (multiplayer online gaming) mouse
  • All-purpose mouse that is capable of controlling FPS to MMO
  • RTS (real-time strategy) gaming mice
  • Customizable gaming mouse

Depending on the type of games, pace, and commands that players are using, the gaming mouse they choose will vary. Additionally, some players favor one style over another. If this is the case, then it's best to choose that style for gaming.

Grip style

How you grip the Corsair gaming mouse will also dictate which gaming mouse gamers will purchase. Grip styles differ for each, so determining this helps individuals find what fits best for their gaming needs. A palm grip is a standard style many players use. Here, the entire palm rests on the mouse with the fingers on the mouse buttons. The tip-grip is another popular variety. Gamers keep their palm hovering over the mouse with their index and pointer fingers on the buttons. A claw grip is a hybrid of the palm and tip-grip styles. The palm sits on the back edge of the mouse, while the fingers angle over the mouse buttons.

Wireless vs. wired gaming mice

gaming mouse

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Last of the critical factors when choosing a gaming mouse is deciding between a wired or wireless mouse. A wireless mouse is beneficial in its flexibility and range of motion. It also looks better than having wires all around the PC. On the flip side, the connections sometimes lag, they're pricier, and they rely on a battery. Therefore, the mouse can die in the middle of the fast-paced action.

A wired gaming mouse is more reliable than a wireless one. It's more responsive and is cheaper than wireless mice. Minimal lag and great gaming are possible with a wired mouse. Obviously, some people prefer the convenience of wireless over wired mice. But, it's important to weigh the overall usability of the gaming mouse when making the final decision.

Average Price of a Corsair Gaming Mouse

A Corsair gaming mouse varies in pricing when comparing wireless and wired mice. Depending on the features and the type of mouse gamers prefer, prices can fluctuate significantly. Third-party sites like Amazon or eBay typically have lower rates than the manufacturer's website directly.

How We Reviewed the Corsair Gaming Mouse vs. Competitors

Our review of the best Corsair gaming mouse and other leading manufacturers focuses on several characteristics. First, we compared the types of gaming mice available. The features, usability, and overall design of the gaming mice were also crucial in our review. We next focused on the lighting, DPI speeds, precision, and types of games players can use the mice to play. Wireless vs. wired gaming mice were an integral part of our review as well. Our analysis also considers multi-use or customization options available for gamers. Last, we included the prices of each gaming mouse and average ratings in our reviews. Players can easily decide between a Corsair gaming mouse or other leading product with this information.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Owning a Corsair Gaming Mouse

Many great characteristics set the best Corsair gaming mouse apart from competitors. Gamers must also consider the drawbacks of owning one of these gaming mice. These are some of the leading benefits and disadvantages of the Corsair gaming mouse series.


Gamers who want a reliable gaming mouse will love this brand. Some of the best features of their gaming mice include:

  • Accuracy and precision
  • A weight-tuning system helps balance the gaming mouse
  • Several mice have a sniper and other dedicated buttons for different styles of gaming
  • An ergonomic shape
  • Operable for left and right-handed users


Depending on the series of the Corsair gaming mouse products consumers purchase, there are some drawbacks to note. They include:

  • Wires can tangle during gameplay
  • Some mice don't have dedicated buttons
  • Small buttons aren't ideal for all players/hand sizes
  • Some gaming mice are specifically for left or right-handed players only

Corsair Gaming Mouse: Wireless and Wired Varieties

There are about one-dozen Corsair gaming mouse options available for gamers to select. These are some of the best products in the Corsair lineup.

DARK CORE RGB SE Performance Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse with Qi® Wireless Charging

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At 2.4GHz, the Dark Core gaming mouse is fast and precise. It features wireless charging and also has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor for precision and control. Utilizing Bluetooth and low-latency technologies, gamers don't have to worry about connections dropping frequently.

It is a wireless mouse. However, it also has wires. Those who prefer connecting the mouse to their PC for gaming can do so with this Corsair gaming mouse. The mouse is easy to charge either wirelessly or via USB with the MM1000 or any Qi charging pads. The customizable mouse is perfect for any gaming style.

One reviewer loves the contour shape of this Corsair gaming mouse. He also likes the wireless and wired option for gaming, allowing for greater range when playing. In another review, the customer notes that the mouse lags and sometimes jumps across the screen. This drawback detracts from the wireless gaming experience.

M65 RGB ELITE Tunable FPS Gaming Mouse

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This tunable gaming mouse is one of Corsair's best FPS gaming mice to date. It has a durable aluminum frame and an 18,000 DPI optical sensor. It's adjustable in one-DPI increments for accuracy in tracking. The Omron switches have a 50,000 click rating also.

The tunable weight system gives gamers full control of the gaming mouse. They can easily adjust the center of gravity or reduce the mouse's weight down to 97 grams. There are eight programmable buttons. Owners can reassign or remap custom macros with every click while gaming. Two-tone RGB lighting enhances the gaming experience in the dark.

One reviewer writes the gaming mouse is precise and easy to customize. Another reviewer, however, indicates the design and grip aren't ergonomic. This design flaw detracts from the gaming experience.


No products found.

This 16,000 DPI gaming mouse has a Key Slider™ control system. The optical sensor and onboard profile storage allow owners to enhance their gaming experience. The textured side buttons improve the ergonomic grip control, ensuring precision and control.

The 12 mechanical side buttons allow players to custom tailor the mouse for their gaming needs. There are three MMO/MOBA profiles, or owners can create their own. One-DPI step fine tuning allows each gamer to adjust settings for optimal precision.

One reviewer notes the mouse is ergonomic and allows them to have full grip control when gaming. The customization features are excellent. In another review, the customer indicates poor construction and said the cheap plastic materials aren't durable.

The Competition: The Best Wired and Wireless Gaming Mice

For players who want to compare Corsair against other top manufacturers, these are some of the best options available. Regardless of gaming style or the type of mouse you prefer, these are some leading products to consider purchasing.

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

No products found.

This Logitech wireless mouse operates for up to 250 hours on a single charge. Additionally, there are 11 programmable options that players can set on this mouse. And, it features a DPI sensitivity range from 250 to 2500 DPI. Therefore, owners can adjust their gameplay to the perfect settings for individual gaming styles.

The left and right buttons have a 20 million click rating. This factor coupled with the non-stop gaming time of nearly 250 hours extends gameplay immensely. Owners can create one onboard player profile. The gaming mouse is compatible with Windows 7 or later, and Mac 10.11 version or later.

In one review, the customer indicates the mouse has excellent features. It is ergonomic and compact. The extended battery life makes it attractive for intense gaming action. Another reviewer suggests it isn't the best gaming mouse. Despite the excellent battery life and ergonomic grip, the mouse lags too much during gameplay.

UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse

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The Utech gaming mouse features a high precision 16,400 DPI setting. Owners can program the LED colors on the scroll wheel. The gaming mouse also has an updated, frosted finish and includes multi-language driver software.

It comes with an eight-piece weight tuning system. Owners can set up to five memory profiles for gameplay as well. There are 19 customizable MMO buttons on the gaming mouse. Therefore, users can fully remap the 19 buttons and also assign macros for different games.

One reviewer writes that the mouse has been excellent for over one-year of use. It is responsive, doesn't lag, and has outstanding customizable features. In another review, however, the customer indicates the buttons jam easily on this gaming mouse. It limits mobility and usability for fast-paced games.

Redragon M901 Perdition 16400DPI MMO Mouse LED RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

No products found.

This wired gaming mouse has customizable LED settings owners can choose from to enhance the gaming experience. The 16,400 DPI settings are adjustable. The 300 G acceleration and precision Avago sensors ensure the highest levels of precision. There are up to five memory profiles that users can set on this gaming mouse as well.

With over 16 million RGB LED color settings to choose from, every player can create their own distinct experience. There are 19 programmable buttons and 12 mechanical side buttons on the mouse. Smooth TEFLON feet pads prevent jamming. The mouse connects via a USB cable and is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs or laptops.

Reviewers indicate that for the price, this gaming mouse is hard to beat. It's easy to operate and has several excellent programmable features. Another reviewer, however, suggests the mouse isn't durable. The low click rate won't hold up for long, and the cheap plastic components break apart easily.

Is a Corsair Gaming Mouse for You? The Best Wired and Wireless Gaming Mice Available

Whether you prefer wireless or wired gaming mice, a Corsair gaming mouse is an excellent option for PC gaming. For those who prefer a wired mouse, the Corsair Dark Core mouse is an excellent selection. In addition to wireless gaming, owners can also connect it to their PC. It is fully customizable, and it recharges via USB or the Qi pad. Using Bluetooth technologies, the lag speeds aren't as big of an issue as they are with other wireless mice. Furthermore, the 2.4 GHz ensures quick and precise action when playing any game. A comfortable grip and ergonomic control make this mouse excellent for all grip styles and palm sizes.

If you like the wireless variety, the Utech Smart mouse is a top choice. It has 19 customizable buttons. Owners can also adjust macros. The mouse doesn't lag, and it comes with international upgradable software. Also, it features an ergonomic grip design. This mouse has customizable lighting profiles owners can set. Additionally, users can set up to five user profiles so multiple players can use the same gaming mouse.

Regardless of whether you prefer wireless or wired mice, there are several great products out there. Which mouse will you choose? Let us know in the comments.


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