Perfect Gaming Setups: 10 Tips for Constructing Your Own

one of the best gaming setups

Gamers come in all ages and stations, and the best gaming setups are those that meet the needs of a gamer's ability to play comfortably with few technology interruptions or environmental distractions. At one time, an Atari 2600 was hooked up to the family TV set and could be played only when nobody else needed the television.

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Today, gaming is commonly done through PCs, and enthusiastic participants are willing to set aside space for the best gaming setups they can imagine. Moreover, many teenagers and adults actually make a living today by gaming. Gamers are featured as celebrities at conventions and events across the globe where people wait in line to meet their favorite gaming personalities.

Whether you hope to make a career of gaming or just enjoy it as a favorite pastime, we want to offer some tips that will help you create the perfect gaming setup for your individual needs.

Choose the Best Gaming PC

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While there are many important variables in constructing the best gaming setup, everything centers on your computer. This is not your parent's gaming system, so choosing the right gaming PC is crucial. Respectable gaming PCs that will live up to your needs and desires for gaming setups. 

Many gamers build their own gaming PCs, but if you're that crafty, you likely already know what you're looking for in a gaming setup. Whether you are shopping or building, be sure to consider some important characteristics that are important for all gaming setups.






Decide on the Best Display

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Gaming setups require a display, whether it be an LED monitor, TV, or a projector. Some users choose a TV to enjoy a very large screen. The same is true of a projector, much like you see in many sports bars broadcasting the big game. A projector has the added benefit of taking up less room than a large-screen TV, although bulb changes are surprisingly expensive.

Nonetheless, we recommend LED monitors designed for gaming setups. The specific gaming design ensures a low input lag. It is also common for gamers to combine a series of two, three, or four monitors to make up for the size differential compared to larger TVs or projection displays.

Refresh Rates

Frames per Second


Get the Best Headphone Audio

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Gaming audio can involve a game's musical tracks or the tactical discussions between players. In any event, the best gaming setups require a good pair of headphones. Before spending money on a headset, consider a few variables that will be important.



Noise Canceling Features


Proper Fit

Wiring Options

Take Control of Your Gaming

Once you pick your gaming PC, you need to choose a controller. While your mouse and keyboard are sufficient for some games, most games will require a controller for the best experience. Many controllers are made for PCs, and others can be adapted.

Depending on how serious you take your gaming, you must be aware of rules for controllers at many gaming conventions. Most conventions require wired controls as opposed to wireless options. That does not mean you cannot enjoy wireless controllers are part of your own gaming setups, but it pays to know.

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Console Controllers

Third-Party Vendors

Retro Feel

Ensure a Good Internet Connection

There is nothing worse than being ready to play a game and losing internet connectivity. A weak internet connection ruins gaming, so you can not be too determined to ensure a good connection.

We recommend fiber-optic broadband internet service for the best gaming setups. The advantage of fiber-optic broadband is the use of glass or plastic fabrication of cables. This allows the connection to collect data quickly.

In general, your particular gaming system will have internet connection requirements, but we recommend at least 3 Mbps of download speed, 1 Mbps of upload speed, and a ping rate under 150 ms. The ping rate measures a connection's reaction time. The time it takes to get a response after you send a request is crucial in gaming.

Be Ready to Record

Be sure you have a good webcam with the ability to record. Professional gamers have scores of people who sit and watch videos of them playing Minecraft of similar games. Youtube is flooded with channels and videos of gamers competing. If you aspire to make a living as a gamer, you must invest in a high-quality webcam that records crisp images.

Likewise, a recording microphone is a necessity. Viewers will quickly leave your channel for another if they have to sit through white noise and mono-audio. However, a crisp video with clear audio-and a little personality from the gamer-can result in a myriad of followers who want to tune into your videos.

Get Comfortable

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Like many things in life, a comfortable place to sit can make or break your gaming experience. Some gamers love a comfortable couch to sit on and later curl up on. Others play games in a rec room where futons are common.

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Some gamers strongly prefer a one-person chair that is only for them, regardless of how many other folks are in the room. This lessens the likelihood of being bumped or having your seat vibrate from another person's movement.

If you put a premium on the feel and theme of your gaming setups, a chair specifically designed as a gaming chair can be the perfect buy. These chairs usually have sleek designs with eye-catching color schemes. Often, a bucket-style design like an automobile seat adds to the chair's thematic value. In fact, gaming chairs originated for racing games to increase the realistic feel of driving in a race.

We also love bean bag chairs. This is an old idea that never loses its appeal or comfort. Bean-bag style chairs now come in a variety of designs and can support players in an array of positions. In the end, be sure you get a chair that will last with comfort, support, and style.

Support Your Setup

While it is not as exciting as shopping for a gaming chair or an HD monitor, it is important that you have a great desk for your gaming setups. Consider that your desk will hold your monitors, keyboard, and possibly your towers. This is a less glorious but very important job.

Also a desk that nicked and chipped easily will quickly look tacky. Your gaming desk needs to be sturdy and attractive. It also must be roomy. Cramped gaming is not the best experience, so be sure you have the elbow room you need-and maybe a spot for your bag of potato chips.

Color Your World

While it would be easy to overlook, the theme and feel of the best gaming setups have a lot to do with the room's decor. Do not overlook the importance of wall color. For the very best gaming area, you may need to repaint the walls.

Consider the overall theme of your room. If your gaming PC or your gaming chair is already promoting a color scheme, you may want to paint the room accordingly. Reds and black are popular gaming chair colors, but tones of blue are always good for gaming walls.

In general, darker walls can be effective because they can host ambient lighting. Hand-in-hand with lighting, many gamers choose glow-in-the-dark paint options for their gaming setups. Glow-in-the-dark paint can be pricey, but it pays off for serious gamers seeking a specific ambiance.

Add the Final Pieces

Black lights, LED tube lighting, and other options can set off your paint style and make your gaming room a little piece of paradise. They can add a high-tech look and, at the same time, provide a calming effect.

You can also add charm to your room by having a few of your favorite game characters painted on your walls. From Mario to Minecraft's Steve, consider projecting the picture on your wall before tracing and painting it. If you have a few extra dollars in your gaming setup budget, have a professional paint the characters or larger game scenes.

You can also use stencils to add noteworthy messages to your walls, such as competitive quotations or lines form your favorite characters. “It's Mario time!”

Gaming posters are a simple touch that can add to the best gaming setups. Posters have an advantage over paintings because they can be changed or rotated with ease.

The Perfect Gaming Setups

In the end, every gamer is unique. Each individual has personal needs and preferences different from other gamers. Therefore, the perfect gaming setup for one person is usually not the best setup for another person.

Also, everyone has a different starting point. Ninety-nine out of 100 gamers will not be building a new structure, so you have to work with what you've got.

Available Space

Some gamers have spare rooms in the house that can be devoted to gaming, and some are already sharing a room with brothers or sisters. Some live in 3,000-square-foot homes and others live in apartment complexes.

A gaming setup can be in the corner of a rec room or in a room devoted entirely to gaming. Others in your home may not want glow-in-the-dark paint in the TV room. You have to identify the space that will become your gaming setup and decide what tips are workable in your gaming area.

On the other hand, you do not want a room devoted entirely to gaming that is too big. It will seem empty and far from cozy. Be realistic about what options you have and do your best to make the perfect gaming setup under those conditions.

Rights of Roommates

Some gamers live alone, but many have roommates. Roommates might be parents and family members, or they may be friends sharing the rent. In any case, a gaming area can get loud. You need to consider your gaming space in the bigger picture of the layout of the house. Just as a good set of headphones can block the noise that disturbs you, your gaming noise should not be a constant hassle to others in your house.

The acoustics in each person's dwelling will vary, but it is important to live in a home where everyone can be happy. One person may not have the freedom in a gaming space that others enjoy. Every gamer is unique, and each individual has personal needs and preferences that are different from other gamers.

Uniquely You

We shared 10 tips for constructing the perfect gaming setup, but these tips are not universal. Some, like finding the best gaming PC, will apply to almost all gamers. Others, like finding a comfortable chair, will look different for different individuals.

The perfect gaming area in your home will never look exactly like the perfect gaming area in someone else's home. We believe our tips for constructing your own gaming setup will help you begin to imagine the possibilities in your own house and your own available space.

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